Fine for job fear dad who drove in Kirkby with smashed windscreen

Mansfield Magistrates Court
Mansfield Magistrates Court

A worried dad who drove with a smashed windscreen in Kirkby because he feared losing his job has been fined, a court ruled.

Police stopped Olgerts Zeiliss as he drove his Ford Focus along Beacon Drive, at 4.45am, on July 7, following a tip-off from his neighbour, who videotaped the car as it left his address.

Zeiliss, 44, of Beacon Drive, Kirkby, admitted using a motor vehicle when the glass was not maintained for unobscured vision, when he appeared before Mansfield Magistrates Court, on Monday.

The court found he was in breach of a 12 month conditional discharge for fraud, imposed on February 13.

Speaking via a Latvian translator, he said: “If I didn’t go to work I would have lost my job. I was driving really carefully and slowly. Since then I have not driven the car.”

He said he had been in the UK for nine years and had committed no driving offences.

The dad of seven said that he had separated from his wife.

He was fined £150, and he was ordered to pay £85 court costs and a £30 victim surcharge. He was also fined £50 for breaching the conditional discharge.