Fanshy A1 doing thatsh

i’m absolutely amazed that nobody seems to have batted an eyelid at A1 Housing’s decision to haul its staff to one side and force them to supply samples of breath.

Even out there on the roads, where I am all for motorists being pulled over to provide samples, they don’t just do it en masse.

The cops have the sense and powers of discretion to look at the way people are driving and then take the appropriate action.

This seems to be like a very heavy handed way of treating your employees – and quite understandibly the employee we approached last week refused to be named, despite feeling as though he could not be trusted to do his job.

Have they got a rat they’re trying to catch? If so surely this is a case of using a sledgehammer to crack a walnut? Why make everyone feel like a criminal for the sake of the minority?

Or has a member of the public complained about drunk plumbers wiring their hot water supply into the toilet?

That’ll bidet, eh?