Family's appeal after suffering third stillborn trauma

A heartbroken family which has suffered the torment of a third stillborn baby is calling on the community to help raise money for a gravestone.

Tuesday, 8th March 2016, 12:39 pm
Updated Tuesday, 8th March 2016, 12:41 pm
Yvonne Brazier, left, Stewart Brazier, right with daughter, Chantelle Brazier, David Bennett and 11 month old Clive Brazier-Bennett and 2 year old Patrick Brazier-Bennett.

Chantelle Brazier-Bennett from Church Warsop was recently forced to go through labour to deliver her first daughter 27 weeks into her pregnancy after being given the devastating news.

The youngster, whom she named Tiger-Tallulah Lucie-Marie Brazier-Bennett, weighed just 2lb and 2oz and there has been no explanation as to why she did not survive.

“It has hit us like a tonne of bricks, we just feel sick,” said 46-year-old Yvonne Brazier, mother of Chantelle.

“It was my first granddaughter and we were looking forward to her being here.

“She was going to be our little princess. There was no reason why she died, she just gave up.

“It’s just heartbreaking for her to be healthy and for us to lose her is unbelievable.

“We can’t explain how it feels. It’s brought it all back to us and we’re struggling to cope.”

Chantelle, 26, had been for a scan in early February and was told that everything was fine, but just a few days later her baby stopped moving and the family became worried.

They were broken the awful news at the hospital and Chantelle had to deliver her on February 22.

Chantelle, who has four young boys aged between one and seven, said: “There are no word that can describe it, I’m having to stay strong for the other children but inside I’m devastated.

“People keep asking how I can walk around smiling, but inside I’m not. It’s the kids that are keeping us going.”

While a stillborn baby would be enough to traumatise a family, it is the third similar tragedy they have had to deal with.

Chantelle lost her baby Jessy in 2007 after 20 weeks, while her mother Yvonne lost her own tot, Hope, in 2009.

Jessy suffered from hydrop fetalis, an accumulation of fluid and swelling in the baby and is often fatal.

Two years later, Yvonne fell pregnant but was told from the outset that her unborn child had Edwards syndrome, a genetic condition that can cause premature or stillborn babies.

Yvonne said: “We knew from day one that she had Edwards syndrome but was told there was a chance of survival.

“We always had the hope she would survive, that’s why we called her Hope,” explained Yvonne.

“It took a long time to get over that. My daughter had a little boy a few months before, and that kept us going.”

While Jessy was cremated and her ashes scattered, Hope was buried in Church Warsop.

Tiger-Tallulah is now set to be laid to rest with Hope, but the family are struggling to cover the cost of a new headstone.

At a cost of almost £1,700, they have set up a Go Fund Me page on the internet.

Yvonne, who helps fundraise locally and is involved with other charities, is now hoping others will help her family’s cause.

“We’ve already started putting money aside, but we just can’t afford it,” explained Yvonne.

“We have to find this money or there will be a grave with no stone- nobody will know she was there.

“We’re just asking for some help because I don’t think we’ll get there unless we get help.

“Family and friends have said they will help as much as they can. I’ve done a lot of fundraising and help where I can, now we need some help.”

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