Fails to peak my interest

TODAY should be a day to remember for a number of teenagers across town.

Pupils will be flocking to find out if all that hard work, study and praying paid off.

A-Level results day is just another date to me, one marred by all radio stations that start harping on about ‘clearing’, ‘universities’ and ‘support’ for students who didn’t get the grades they wanted.

This boring information is pedalled out every year and is offset with boffins opening their results live on air. The geeks then have to feign surprise as they discover that, as predicted, they got all As.

Why do they never dig out the pupils who have just found out they completely screwed up on the day?

It’ll also offer, yet another, opportunity to discuss tuition fees and how they are too high these days.

If you ask me it is not that they are too high, it is that there are too many choices on offer.

Who wants a BA in criminology? If you want a job for the police you need a degree about as much as the £10k debt that goes with it. All that hard work just to find out after three years and a shiny graduation ceremony you’re back at home living with the folks, because the police certainly aren’t recruiting.