Exclusive: Entwistle’s parents to fight Supreme Court decision

THE parents of a convicted killer from Worksop have appealed to the UK Government to intervene after their son’s final bid for freedom was thrown out by the US Supreme Court.

Neil Entwistle, 34, lost his appeal to the highest US court for a new trial on Monday 14th January.

He was convicted in 2008 of murdering his wife Rachel, 27, and their nine-month-old baby Lillian Rose at their Hopkinton home in January 2006.

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But his parents Cliff and Yvonne Entwistle maintain their son is innocent and did not receive a fair trial.

In an exclusive statement to the Worksop Guardian, the couple said there has been a ‘clear miscarriage of justice’ and are taking their fight to the British government.

They said that crucial forensic evidence was withheld during the trial from the Medical Examiner who was the pathologist in the case and demanded answers why.

“The District Attorney’s Office character assassinated our innocent son as they had no forensic evidence on him and they wanted the truth well hidden,” said Cliff and Yvonne.

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“The hidden forensic evidence was where gunshot residue was found on both the hands front and back of Rachel Entwistle, which proved she fired the gun.”

“No such forensic evidence has ever been found to prove that Neil committed this crime. Withholding this evidence is perverting the course of justice.”

They continued: “The Medical Examiner admitted on the stand that he would have wanted to know of this information if it was available to him.”

“This evidence was withheld from the media as the authorities didn’t want the truth to come out as Neil was going to be their only suspect from the very beginning. Neil did not receive a fair trial.”