Escaped prisoner and machete discovered at home of rowdy Worksop tenant

The Coventry Drive property is now sealed off.
The Coventry Drive property is now sealed off.

Bailiffs evicted a Worksop nuisance from his home following a “staggering” stream of incidents including an escaped prisoner being found and arrested at the property and the recovery of a machete.

David Ellis, 43, was also marched from the Coventry Drive flat at gunpoint along with other occupants after an individual was reported to have made threats with a firearm.

At a hearing on August 16, Mansfield County Court heard how A1 Housing had received numerous complaints from Ellis’s neighbours relating to drug dealing, drug abuse, shouting and fighting over the course of his tenancy.

The court heard how a resident had reported that they had seen Ellis and visitors to his home being “walked out of the property at gunpoint” and found the whole event “very distressing”.

Nottinghamshire Police confirmed that they had attended the scene as an individual had made threats to harm others with a firearm.

The police also advised that they had arrived at the property on a separate occasion to find Darrel Bryce, an escaped prisoner from HMP Hatfield, hiding there and later arrested him.

A machete was also recovered from a vehicle close to the residence.

District Judge David Potts granted Bassetlaw District Council an outright possession order requiring Ellis to vacate the property by August 30.

As Ellis did not comply with this order, bailiffs were engaged with the eviction which took place on September 29 and the house was sealed up.

Councillor Julie Leigh, cabinet member for neighbourhoods at Bassetlaw District Council said: “I am staggered at the catalogue of incidents that the residents of Coventry Drive had to endure.

“I visited the property the day it was being secured and witnessed residents applauding in the knowledge that David Ellis would not be coming back to the property.

“I cannot imagine what they have been forced to live with over the last few months.”

Ellis began his introductory tenancy at 12 Coventry Drive in January but after initial incidents of anti-social behaviour this was extended for a further six months.

In April, a notice for proceedings for possession was served on Ellis as he was in breach of three sections of his tenancy agreement. In May 2016 Ellis agreed to terminate his tenancy and move out by 27 June 2016. Ellis failed to abide by this agreement forcing the council and A1 Housing to seek the possession order for the property.

Don Spittlehouse, managing director at A1 Housing, said: “The behaviour of David Ellis and the visitors to his property has had a terrible effect on the lives of the residents of Coventry Drive.

“They were in fear of what was happening at the property and did not feel safe in their own homes and, at times, would stay away.

“This is simply unacceptable and it is appalling that residents have suffered in this way.”