Mansfield houses ‘not ready for winter’

Silverhill Wood snow pics, Teversal.
Silverhill Wood snow pics, Teversal.

Households in Mansfield are not prepared for the cold months ahead, according to new research from British Gas.

The results show that only 13 per cent of Mansfield families will ensure their home is properly insulated and only a third of families will get their boiler serviced - suggesting they are not prepared for the predicted cold winter.

WEATHER WARNING: Months of heavy snowfall forecast

And this comes with a survey which found one in ten Mansfield households admitted they were unprepared - but said they were not going to take the steps to insulate their homes.

These residents told researchers their top tips for keeping warm were to get thicker duvets, turn up the heating and treating themselves to a hot drink.

But British Gas said more than half of those surveyed said feeling ‘warm and cosy’ is what makes a house a home.

And the energy provider said thousands of households in the district could be missing out on a free warmer home, as part of a scheme backed by the government that provides free cavity wall and loft insulation.

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Jonathan Youle, from British Gas, said: “People in Mansfield will be wrapping up this winter but it’s clear many don’t realise that home improvements, such as insulation, have a bigger impact.

“It’s not too late for families in Mansfield to think about insulating their homes so they can keep warm this winter, and perhaps to get financial help with that.”

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WEATHER WARNING: Months of heavy snowfall forecast

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