Flooding: County council promises to continue support for affected Worksop and Retford communities

Nottinghamshire County Council has said it will continue to provide support for flood-hit communities across Bassetlaw.
Flooding on Newcastle Avenue in WorksopFlooding on Newcastle Avenue in Worksop
Flooding on Newcastle Avenue in Worksop

When a month’s worth of rain fell across Nottinghamshire in 24 hours, Worksop and Retford were among 80 communities affected.

The resulting impact was internal flooding at 128 properties and 180 businesses in Worksop with people being evacuated from their homes and several roads becoming impassable.

In Retford, the rainfall led to internal flooding of 31 properties on Grove Lane and Blackstope Lane, both of which became impassable to due to surface water.

Two properties on Darrel Road were also affected by internal flooding, as well as gardens, outhouses and allotment of a further 15 properties.

Investigations to date detail that the River Ryton in Worksop peaked at 2.16 metres on November 7, following 72.6 millimetres of rain falling in 24 hours as recorded that the Manton rain gauge.

The river overtopped on the morning of November 7 and flood waters affected a nearby caravan park and sports pavilion before flooding properties along and around the Central Avenue area including Hardy Street, Allen Street, King Street, Newcastle Avenue and Ryton Street.

Over in Retford, the heavy rain caused water to back up where Retford Beck becomes culverted from an open ditch to underground pipes, leading to homes on Grove Lane and Blackstope Lane flooding when the water overtopped.

The volume of rainfall also overwhelmed Carr Dyke which caused the flooding on Darrel Road.

The council is now working closely with partner agencies to seek funding to enable a full study into flood risk in Worksop and Retford.

Coun Phil Rostance, vice-chairman of the communities and place committee at the county council, said: “We know that flooding can have devastating impacts to communities and we will continue to work closely with our partner agencies to identify ways of reducing the risk of future flooding events.

“Proposals include monitoring the interaction between Carr Dyke and the River Idle, securing funding for a flood risk management scheme and flood resilience measures.”