Bassetlaw residents urged to be alert to any future threat of flooding

Nottinghamshire County Council has been support National Flood Week and asking people to take on board the message of ‘prepare’ ‘act’ or ‘survive’.
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Memories of the misery flooding can cause are still fresh in the minds of many Worksop residents after the floods of a year ago.

Back in November, 2019, businesses and homes were breached with waste-high water as the River Ryton burst its banks during heavy rains.

Twenty-five properties were evacuated while people in 65 others decided to stay despite being made aware of the risk.

Worksop Library was one of the buildings badly affected by last year's floodsWorksop Library was one of the buildings badly affected by last year's floods
Worksop Library was one of the buildings badly affected by last year's floods

Many buildings were affected, notably Worksop Library, which was forced to closed.

Now, a year, on, the county council is supporting action to remind communities that while it is impossible to remove all danger associated with flooding, being prepared and knowing what to do can reduce the damage to property and lives.

When flooding is likely, warnings to either ‘prepare’ ‘act’ or ‘survive’ will be issued to local areas.

When told to ‘prepare’ for flooding, people should pack a bag of emergency essentials including medication, insurance documents and clothin in case homes are evacuated.

If told to ‘act’ actions will involve switching off gas, water and electricity, moving furniture upstairs and getting family members to a place of safety.

Should a ‘survive’ warning be issued,it means that the risk of flooding is severe, and that the advice of emergency services should be followed at all times to keep loved ones safe.

Coun Phil Rostance, vice-chairman of the council’s communities and place pommittee, said: “We know that flooding can have devastating consequences for communities.

“Knowing where items such as insurance documents and medicines are kept in your home and being able to identify where water stopcocks, gas shut-off valves and electrical master switches are will save time.

“These preparations could ultimately reduce the damage to your property or business and, most importantly, to the lives of you and your loved ones.”

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