Enterprising kids at Harthill school

SIR Alan Sugar better watch out - there are some youngsters that could be taking his job one day.

Pupils at Harthill Primary School took part in their very own enterprise market which saw them selling products which they created themselves.

And their hard work and creativity helped to raise more than £800 for the school.

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Over a week pupils made a variety of products in their classes around the theme of going healthy.

After making the products, which included exercise DVD;s and music to work out to, they then sold them to parents - helping to raise some vital funds for the school.

“They made all sorts of products. They did exercise DVD’s and my class made CD’s with exercise music on,” said Stella Seaman.

“We had a whole week at school where they were designing and making their products.”

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“Then we had an enterprise market where we invited parents in and we raised over £800 for the school.”

“The school council will decide how the money is spent.”

Harthill Primary holds the enterprise week every year and it certainly proves popular with the children.

“The children love it. They look forward to this week every year.”

“They form their own companies and go round the school testing their products and doing market research,” added Mrs Seaman.

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