Elderly patient was ‘giving up’

THE inquest into the death of a Clowne pensioner has been halted for further enquiries into her care in Bolsover Community Hospital.

The hearing at Chesterfield coroners court was adjourned by Deputy North Derbyshire Coroner Nigel Anderson.

Lilian Burton, 83, of Northfields, broke her leg in a fall on Christmas Eve. After a hip repair at Chesterfield Royal Hospital she was transferred to Bolsover.

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She was re-admitted to Chesterfield on 22nd January with a chest infection and died on 3rd February from pneumonia. Pathologist Chris Stonard believed the pneumonia was linked to reduced mobility after the break.

Hospital physiotherapist Reece Simpson said: “We tried to encourage her with mobility.” But she ate and drank little, which hindered her recuperation.

By 14th January she was unable to stand and was diagnosed with shingles. A dementia sufferer, she had been disruptive on her first night on Castle ward, Bolsover, and was moved to a side room. Her daughter Lynne Lapins said she became isolated and her health deteriorated.

“After the first night I found her in this room slumped on the bed. I was there two hours and no-one checked on her. I found it hard to talk to any staff. I asked for her to be integrated with other patients during the day but it never happened. She was in a room on her own all the time from the second day.”

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Mrs Burton was heard calling for help on the morning of 24th December and was found on the floor. She had a head wound and complained of pain in her left leg.

The coroner said: “Her daughter felt she was unhappy in the side room, not interacting or eating and drinking properly, and in some way giving up. I struggle with Bolsover hospital to understand who is in charge of a patient there.”