Torch arrives at Ranby House

Ranby House pupils welcome the Olympic Torch
Ranby House pupils welcome the Olympic Torch

EXCITED pupils at Ranby House couldn’t wait to get their hands on the Olympic Torch when it arrived at their school.

Former pupil Katie Walter, 19, from Retford, was greeted by expectant children and staff when she revisited her old school.

And she didn’t come alone.

Torchbearer Katie brought along the Olympic Torch she carried through the streets of Leicestershire just last week in an unforgettable experience.

Katie, who continued her education at Worksop College, was nominated to carry the flame after becoming the youngest person to walk the last 112 miles on an expedition to the South Pole, raising more than £30,000.

“Katie is a very motivated young lady and had to give up a lot of the previous two years training and fundraising so when other young people were having fun she was pulling big tyres around the country lanes and giving corporate presentations and holding fund raising events,” said a school spokesman.