Free training in South Yorkshire on how to use the internet

Free internet training is available for those struggling to get to grips with getting online across Yorkshire.

The sessions are being organised as part of a project to reach those who feel excluded from the digital world.

Future Digital Inclusion is a nationwide project funded by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills via the Tinder Foundation, a charity based in Sheffield.

Rural Action Yorkshire has secured funding to deliver the project at centres and community venues across South Yorkshire.

The course covers basic skills including sending emails, staying safe online, completing online forms, online banking, shopping and job-hunting.

The training is available until March.

James Russell, Digital Inclusion Officer at Rural Action Yorkshire, said, “there is an increasing need for people to get online, whether to keep in touch with friends and family, to access public services, or for work.

“This need is especially pressing in rural areas, where farmers will soon be expected to carry out all their admin online, and where geographical isolation can make being connected online even more important.

“We’re keen to work with local communities to get people online. While our current funding only runs until the end of March there is potential to extend the project into the future, so even if we can’t deliver training in your community now we hope to be able to do so at a later date.”

Anyone wanting to find out more should call James on 0845 3130270.

Rural Action Yorkshire is also looking for community centres, groups and buildings which would be interested in hosting online training sessions.