DARE graduates

When kids move up to secondary school, they are likely to encounter pressure to try drugs and alcohol.

That’s why primary schools in Bassetlaw enrol on the DARE programme each year. The interactive 10 week course gives young people in years 5 and 6 the skills and knowledge to help them face these challenges.

Holy Family DARE Graduation. (w101209-5)

Holy Family DARE Graduation. (w101209-5)

Activities, teamwork, role play and discussions are used to cover topics including tobacco, bullying, anti-social behaviour, volatile substances, peer pressure, cannabis and alcohol.

This year’s DARE graduates have all successfully completed the course and were awarded certificates in special ceremonies.

Cath Bartlett, year 6 teacher at Worksop’s Norbridge Primary School, said: “We think it’s a really important programme. The children learn such a lot from it. Our graduation ceremony was really a celebration of all the things they have learned.”

“The children absolutely love DARE. They always work in a positive manner and the parents are very supportive.”

Jackie Calvert, office manager at Ramsden Primary School in Carlton, said: “The DARE graduation ceremony is something the whole community gets involved in. Parents, governors and councillors attend to celebrate the children’s achievements.”