EDUCATION: New space to show off work online

A North Anston man has developed the world's first virtual 3D gallery, designed especially for schools, academies and colleges to help change the way students, schools and parents connect.
Our 3D spaceOur 3D space
Our 3D space

Joe York, a former Dinnington Comprehensive School pupil, has created Our 3D Space to allow schools to showcase their students’ work in a unique, personalised 3D format - offering parents the opportunity to see their child’s best work.

The software has been developed closely with teachers to offer schools a solution for increasing creativity within the national curriculum. Its aim is to strengthen the relationships between teachers, students and their families.

Students of all ages can use the portal to design a bespoke gallery - changing walls, angles, colours and even adding furniture. Parents can then navigate around the virtual space to see what their child has done that term, leaving instant feedback and vital encouragement.

Through a secure connection, it can be viewed on any device – computer, phone, tablet – from anywhere in the world, allowing parents who work away or are abroad to still keep in touch with their child’s progression in school. It also allows proud parents to show co-workers and extended family their child’s work on whatever device they are carrying,

As well as being fun for students to create, the unique gallery also demonstrates problem-solving skills and can also be used as part of a teacher’s lesson plan to aid progression in KS1 and KS2 art, numeracy and literacy. Our 3D Space works as a great platform for students to display their work to higher education facilities such as colleges and universities as part of their application process.

Joe said: “Our 3D Space showcases students’ work in a way that has never been seen before. Our main aim is to connect schools, students and parents through creativity and offer something that sparks imagination, is fun to create and is completely different. We hope it encourages children to be more interested in art, engages parents and brings schools and their local community closer together.”

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