Editor’s comment: Would you want to see this eyesore every day?

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Few things blight our communities so obviously as fly-tipping and rubbish dumped by the side of the road.

Take a good look at the picture above and ask yourself whether this is an acceptable sight just a few miles from a waste tip.

Or whether you’d want to walk past it every day on your way to work or school.

The disgusting eyesore was created on Rayton Lane in Kilton recently and has understandably enraged local people.

Recent items to be discarded there include a grubby mattress, broken furniture and a soiled child’s car seat.

Kilton man Steve Minchin, who lives in the area with his wife and chairs the Worksop East Tenants and Residents Association, is calling for an end to the illegal fly-tipping and the council has promised to take the matter ‘very seriously’ after being contacted by the Guardian this week.

Any form of littering is completely unacceptable but fly-tipping can ruin the appearance of an entire area.

And what makes it worse is that someone has clearly taken the time to load all this rubbish into a van or lorry - but then couldn’t be bothered to drive a few miles to a legal tip or be bothered to pay to dispose of it properly.

The vast majority of us would, of course, never have any intention of fly-tipping.

But we all have a responsibility to help stamp out this problem.

That means reporting any suspicious behaviour which could involve fly-tipping to police or the council.

And it is also vital to do the necessary checks on anyone you pay to dispose of your own rubbish to make sure they will do so within the law.