Editor’s comment: What sort of person leaves an animal in this state?

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It may be unpleasant, but take a good look at the state of this poor animal.

Could you leave a defenceless dog to starve to death in an alleyway? Because someone did and this should shock and appall decent minded people everywhere.

The emaciated dog was discovered dying of starvation and hypothermia off Lancastrian Way in Worksop by a group of teenagers on Sunday afternoon.

RSPCA inspectors are confronted with horrific sights like this on a regular basis - but the state of neglect this animal had been left in shocked even them.

She was immediately rushed to Wildbore vets on Turner Road but was too weak to swallow any food or water- and sadly had to be put down to stop her suffering.

Inspectors say she is the thinnest dog they have ever seen.

The beautiful sandy coloured whippet lurcher cross has been given the name Honey, in an effort to personalise her and at least give her some kind of dignity in death.

And now the RSPCA has launched an investigation to find out who is responsible - and if you have any information please get in touch with them today.

No pet should have to suffer in this way in this day and age. There are rescue centres and other support available to dog owners and there really is no excuse.

Do you recognise Honey? Have you seen her around Worksop? Do you know where she lived?