Editor’s comment: Town has lost an inspirational son with loss of Liam Buckley

Liam Buckley
Liam Buckley

Worksop said a fond farewell to one of its most inspirational sons this week - a brave young man whose courage in the face of adversity shone like a beacon.

Twenty-three-year-old Liam Buckley had been diagnosed with incurable bowel cancer last year after being treated at Weston Park Hospital.

Tribute to Liam Buckley: “He went with a smile, and he will be smiling now”

Instead of letting this shattering news defeat him, like most of us would, he was determined to continue raising money for other people affected by cancer.

Liam and his family organised a host of charity events in aid of the hospital which had treated him.

After being diagnosed, Liam also came up with a list of goals he had always wanted to achieve and set about ticking them off.

He went to Silverstone to watch the British Grand Prix, met F1 driver Jenson Button, fed a tiger, slept in a zoo, saw the Red Arrows perform and sat in the cockpit alongside the pilot and co-pilot during a Virgin Little Red Flight from Heathrow to Manchester.

Liam’s final wish was to spend time at the seaside with his family.

And earlier this year, family friend Debbie Johnston-Sparkles launched a fundraising page to help make this last wish come true.

After Debbie’s appeal appeared in the Guardian, donations flooded in from all across the country, raising more than £3,000, which allowed Liam and his family to enjoy trips to Bridlington and Primrose Valley.

Liam spent his final days with his family at the seaside and passed away on Thursday, October 8 back at Weston Park.

But fittingly, Liam’s memory will live on at a number of fundraising events over the coming months for the causes so important to him and his family.