Editor’s Comment: Shop closures are a blow to the town

Brian Platt who is closing his shop in Worksop after 28 years
Brian Platt who is closing his shop in Worksop after 28 years

Worksop suffered a blow this week with news that two well established and well known local shops are to close.

Both of them have been trading for more than 20 years and will be missed by their customers.

Not only that, but the hole they will leave behind, in the form of empty shop units, will have a negative effect on the town as a whole.

There are too many empty units as it is, and now here are two more that are going to be added to the list.

The sight of closed down business premises is depressing to shoppers, and can be off-putting to those considering investing in the town.

If we want Worksop to flourish and to lure people and investment into town, then it is essential that we have a vibrnat and fully occupied high street.

Bassetlaw Council need to do their bit by ensuring their business rates are reasonable and not likely to drive local traders out of business.

A long-term view needs to be taken. Lowering rates might hit the council’s coffers in the short term, but in the long-term the benefits could well be more than worth it.

Our high street has some little gems, let’s celebrate them and build on them.