Editor’s comment: Sentences handed down to car crime gang will be welcomed

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Anyone who has ever been the victim of a burglary will welcome the sentences which were handed down to four thugs from Worksop.

Clint Brammer, Darren Green, Mason Holt, and Joseph Foster are now all behind bars for a criminal conspiracy which saw them steal £450,000-worth of vehicles.

They did so by breaking into homes across five different counties to steal the keys to valuable cars.

Prosecutors are clear that the gang deliberately targeted homes which they knew were vulnerable.

In one particularly disturbing raid they ransacked the property of a single mum who was alone with her young children at their home in Retford.

As the judge told Brammer, the final member to be jailed last week, they must have been aware of the ‘devastation’ and ‘trauma’ they were inflicting on their victims.

Any invasion a person’s property is an abhorrent crime, which can leave the victim feeling their own personal space has been violated and make them feel uncomfortable in their own home.