Editor’s comment: Sentence for knife attack sends out wrong message

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Guardian readers will be shocked to hear about the vicious knife attack which left a man fighting for his life on his 21st birthday.

And many will also be surprised by the 18-month sentence handed down to the man responsible - 28-year-old Dale Moore, of Carlton.

Most will surely agree with the victim’s mum, who spoke to the Guardian this week, and who says the violent attack should have seen Moore face an attempted murder charge.

The incident took place back in 2013 following a disagreement at a local pub.

Moore’s victim spent his birthday on a life support machine with two stab wounds - including a punctured lung - and his chest has been permanently scarred.

Medical staff said he was lucky to be alive and it was thanks to the quick reactions of friends, doctors and nurses that the attack did not not end up being much more serious.

And yet Dale Moore has been sentenced to just 18 months behind bars - and as we all know he could be out on the streets much sooner than that.

This type of sentence sends out completely the wrong message and is an insult to the victim of the attack and his family.