Editor’s comment: Potholes cash is welcome but a drop in the ocean

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Anyone who regularly uses one of the main roads into Worksop will be fully aware of the disgraceful state they have been left in over the past few years.

The A57, A60 and the A619 have all featured in the Guardian during this period because of the number of potholes which have made driving so difficult.

As the roads pass through South Yorkshire, Notts and Derbyshire, it is too easy to simply blame the councils.

And potholes are hardly a problem unique to this area.

But someone has to be held to account for the state of the roads, which at best lead to an uncomfortable journey to work or a damaged car, and at worst could result in a serious accident.

I’ve seen potholes on all the major routes into Worksop. While some of the lesser routes around Notts, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire are even worse.

The route from Worksop to Kiveton Park through Shireoaks and Thorpe Salvin had several potholes as big as punch bowls which were left untouched for weeks.

All of this is why the Government’s announcement of cash for Notts and Derbyshire county councils this week is welcome, but a drop in the oean.

Ministers have announced that Notts will receive an extra £2.7 million while Derbyshire will get an extra £2.48 million to spend on pothole repairs.

It seems like a lot of money to you and I, but will in reality get nowhere near to fixing our damaged roads.

As the councillor in charge in Derbyshire rightly points out, hundreds of new potholes form each week and the cash will do little to arrest this trend.

Last year the extreme cold weather was blamed, this year it’s extreme wet weather.

It can only be hoped that as the economy improves more money can be found to fix our roads.

>Ben Green