Editor’s Comment: Politicians need to get the best deal for Bassetlaw

John Mann MP and Coun Simon Greaves
John Mann MP and Coun Simon Greaves

There is more good news this week, with the announcement that Bassetlaw will be benefiting from £6.5 million of funding from the Sheffield City Region (SCR).

It is high time that our area got something like this out of our relationship with SCR.

Although I think it is a good thing that the district has a place at the SCR table, I am still sceptical as to whether we will actually get a good deal out of it.

Although £6.5 million looks good on paper, it is very small change when you consider the SCR is getting on for nearly £600 million over the next few years.

It is up to local politicians and the council to ensure Bassetlaw gets as big a piece of the pie as possible.