Editor’s comment: People need convincing that speed cameras are lifesavers not money makers

Farmers Branch, Worksop.
Farmers Branch, Worksop.

It’s as true as it ever was that ‘speed kills’ on our roads and anything which helps to slow down drivers has to be welcomed.

Few would argue that reducing speed helps to prevent serious accidents, and the misery which road crashes and deaths inevitably cause.

But speed cameras have become such a contentious subject because many people continue to see them more as money making devices than potential lifesavers.

What has happened over the past year on Farmers Branch in Worksop will have done little to alter these opinions.

The Guardian was inundated with furious letters last year after the speed limit suddenly changed on this route - with motorists claiming there were no signs indicating the change from 40mph to 30mph.

A Freedom of Information request from the newspaper has now revealed that more than 1,200 motorists haven been snared by the camera in less than one year. The town’s MP John Mann has described the situation as an ‘outrageous money-making exercise’.

And many motorists who regularly use the route have also told us of their anger at being caught out by the speed camera.

Some have said the road is not an accident blackspot, and the camera has been installed to raise cash, not save lives. Police say the road lies within a ‘core casualty site’ and officers of course have every right to enforce the limits.

But motorists clearly feel aggrieved by what they consider a ‘sneaky’ way of making money.

Speed cameras are an important method of slowing traffic - but they have to be used in the right way, with proper signange and in the correct locations to save lives not make money.

REVEALED: Farmers Branch speed camera snares 1,200 drivers in a year