Editor’s comment: Parking farce is exactly what town does not need

The Priory Centre car park in Worksop.
The Priory Centre car park in Worksop.

In order to survive and prosper a town centre needs an integrated public transport system and reasonably priced parking.

Last week the Guardian revealed that Worksop’s much needed and long-awaited new bus station faced further delays.

And seven days later we report on the anger felt by many shoppers over the controversial parking system in place at the Priory Centre car park - one of the busiest and most important in Worksop.

Dozens of residents have contacted the Guardian to tell us about their problems at the car park, and many more have commented about the issue on our website and Facebook page.

Since car park administration was taken over by ParkingEye, registration plates on vehicles are checked as they enter and leave the car park.

This has resulted in one local woman being fined £100 for just 16 minutes in the car park after two machines were out of operation.

Clearly this is not a parking system likely to attract more people into the town to do their shopping and carry out business.

Indeed, it is likely to have the opposite effect and drive many loyal shoppers away from Worksop.

Exactly what the town does not need as it tries to recover from the recession and other hits of recent years.

Any housing development of the size and scale given the green light for Gateford this week will always divide the community.

Many will see the economic benefits of building new homes and the need for affordable housing in the town.

Others will question whether the town really needs 750 new houses and if the infrastructure is in place to support that many people.

A development of this magnitude will alter the Gateford area beyond recognition.