Editor’s Comment: Manton Pit... Gone, but not forgotten

Manton Colliery No 2 and No 3 Headgear
Manton Colliery No 2 and No 3 Headgear

It is exactly 20 years since Manton pit, the then lifeblood of the town, closed.

It was a very sad chapter in the town’s history.

The few years after the pit closed was a very dark time for Worksop.

Unemployment was high, and heroin became a massive problem in the town.

But two decades on and Worksop has gradually started to recover, the bad days are behind us.

When the pit closed some feared the town might die.

But the people of Worksop are stronger and more resilient than that. This town’s made of sterner stuff.

The pit maybe long gone, but its memory and legacy live on and will never be forgotten.