Editor’s Comment: Lenient sentences sending out the wrong message

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You do sometimes have to wonder how the judiciary arrive at certain sentences for criminals.

This week we have yet another example of someone receiving a seemingly lenient sentence for a very serious crime.

Nicholas Murray, from Carlton, was high on drink and drugs when he drove his van at PC David Troman, knocking the police officer over.

Murray then sped off and crashed into a wall.

Fortunately, PC Troman was not seriously injured. He was lucky not to have been seriously injured, or even worse.

Despite this fact, Murray was jailed for just two years and eight months, and he’ll serve only half of that remember.

Is that a punishment that fits the crime? I think not.

And I’m not the only one who thinks so.

The police union has hit out at the sentence, calling it ‘very lenient’.

The police are out there doing a very dangerous job, and sentences such as the one handed to Nicholas Murray are sending out the wrong message.