Editor’s Comment: Law needs looking at over ‘legal highs’

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A new shop which sells so-called ‘legal highs’ has opened in Worksop, and it has cause quite a furore.

Some local residents are angry that the store has been allowed to open, but by the letter of the law the shop is doing nothing wrong.

And while that is the case the hands of the police and council are tied.

One of the problems here is the phrase ‘legal highs’. It is an emotive phrase and conjures up all sorts of images.

But if you think about it two other ‘legal highs’ - alcohol and tobacco - are already sold in shops and pubs throughout the land already, but because they aren’t marketed as such, and because they have been around for donkeys years, there isn’t the same controversy.

And it cannot be argued that alcohol and tobacco don’t lead to serious health and social problems.

The main issue here is the law. There are far too many loopholes, and regulation of so-called ‘legal highs’ needs to be more stringent and more rapid.

In my opinion these substances shouldn’t be allowed to be marketed as ‘legal highs’.