Editor’s comment: Latest council cuts are a sad sign of the times

Nottingham County Hall
Nottingham County Hall

The latest swingeing cuts to services announced by County Hall leaders this week are a sign of the times.

Over the past few years we have become almost used to hearing about the mind boggling sums that local authorities have to save.

The figures are so astronomical that they are difficult to comprehend.

Notts County Council says it has to save £30m in a bid to cut £77m from its spend over the next four years.

Since the recession and change of Government four and a half years ago multi million pound cuts at local councils have become the norm.

Every budget sees another host of services we rely on cut to the bone.

But no one should feel immune to these cuts and the impact they have on people across the county no matter how far removed from them you might feel.

First of all there are the hundreds of people directly or indirectly employed in local government.

Then there are the people who rely on bus services, libraries and care facilities.

What has become clear is the Government either cannot or will not provide councils with the budgets they previously relied on.