Editor’s Comment: Knife point robber is a coward who needs to be brought to justice

A general view of Dickens Road in Worksop.
A general view of Dickens Road in Worksop.

Like any decent-minded person in the town, I was shocked to find out an elderly lady had been robbed at knife point just before Christmas.

A cruel burglar raided the woman’s Worksop home on 19th December, stealing presents from under her tree and threatening her with a blade.

The Guardian spoke to the lady, who understandably was reluctant to give her full name, this week and it is truly appalling what she had been subjected to by this thug.

Unsurprisingly, he was after his next drugs fix and presumably picked the elderly lady’s home simply because she was an easy target.

The lady was keen to speak to the Guardian to say thank you to the community for rallying around to help her and allowing her to salvage something from a difficult Christmas.

I would like to pass on my own thanks to the community for doing the right thing and helping this lady at her time of need.

But someone else also needs to do the right thing.

There must be several people in the town who know who committed this cowardly crime.

They could be a friend or relative of yours, but they have committed a very nasty and serious offence.

If you know anything which could help police with their investigation call 101 now.