Editor’s comment: It was inspiring to hear about Dylan’s foodbank volunteering

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Young people today receive more than their fair share of abuse from older generations for being selfish and lacking community spirit.

So it was truly inspiring to read about 12-year-old Dylan Longbottom, from Kilton, this week.

While many of his classmates will have spent their summer holidays on an Xbox, sat in front of the TV or playing football, Dylan has spent the last few weeks volunteering at Bassetlaw Food Bank.

The Outwood Academy Valley student has been working four days a week, five hours a day to help prepare and deliver free snack packs for children who usually receive a free school meal.

By helping youngsters less fortunate than himself, Dylan will not only learn more about the world, but also pick up some valuable skills for his future.

I cannot think of a more valuable addition to a young person’s CV than helping out at a food bank over the summer break.

It was wonderful to see the pictures from the grand opening of the splash pool at Langold Country Park - but it is such a shame the play area wasn’t open for the start of the summer holidays.

It had originally been hoped the £375,000 facility would be finished by the end of June, ready for Langold Gala on 6th July.

But these hopes were dashed when contractors encountered problems with developing the site.

And then thieves ransacked the site in July and stole more than £10,000 of equipment.

Now the park is up and running it is vital that the local community make the most of it.

Judging by the photos from the opening, it looks to be an excellent addition to the village that families can enjoy for a long time to come.

I just hope we get some more decent weather this summer so residents can make the most of it.