Editor’s comment: Imagine if it was your grandma preyed on by cruel conmen

The scene of the incident
The scene of the incident

Doorstep con men are among the most odious of criminals.

They prey on the weak and vulnerable in our communities to steal a few quid in loose change or trick some poor householder into paying for work they don’t need.

Like burglars who break into homes they travel around areas looking for places that are easy to target.

And given the predatory nature of this sort of crime, a group of three of these low-lives operating in Worksop must have been delighted to find a 90-year-old lady to prey upon.

Posing as police officers, the trio forced their way into the lady’s home and searched for cash.

They eventually fled with what police are describing as ‘a small amount of cash’ after the brave old lady fought them off with her walking stick.

All that upset and fear for a paltry amount of money.

Imagine how vulnerable and frightened this lady must have felt being confronted with these masked thugs forcing their way past her late at night - after she answered the door expecting to see police officers.

Imagine how you would feel if she was your mother, grandmother or great grandmother.

If anyone has any information that can help police hunt down these despicable thieves call police on 101 immediately.

I hope the lady recovers from her ordeal and is able to provide detectives with as much information as possible to help with the investigation.

I would also urge anyone living alone or who feels vulnerable to this sort of incident to read the advice offered by police.

It includes having a chain on your front door and always asking for a caller’s identification card - and thoroughly check this.

Con men posed as police to target 90 year old woman