Editor’s comment: Dad left in a coma with smashed skull shows horrific dangers of ‘just one punch’

Daniel Cutts
Daniel Cutts

A single punch during a late-night fight on a Worksop street has changed life utterly for local dad Daniel Cutts.

It was the Father’s Day weekend back in June when Daniel was involved in an altercation with Steven Hancock.

This week Hancock admitted grievous bodily harm by delivering the blow which left Daniel lying unconscious on the floor with a gash to his head.

Daniel’s mum says her son was ‘left for dead’.

Fortunately Daniel did survive, but the injuries were so severe he had to be placed in a medically-induced coma.

He was in a coma for more than two months, had to have parts of his skull removed and his family were told to ‘prepare for the worst’.

‘My son was left for dead’ - Worksop mum speaks out after son’s attacker admits serious assault

All thanks to a single punch in a street fight.

Altercations of this type take place in towns up and down the country on weekend evenings, usually fuelled by booze.

In most cases the victim will end up with nothing more serious than a sore head or black eye.

But this tragic case tells us that the consequences of even one punch can be much, much worse.

In some ways Daniel is lucky to be alive, and he should finally return home soon. But he has been left with speech problems, requiring 24-hour care and could have seizures in the future.

Because of his speech problems, Daniel struggles to communicate with his children.

Hancock will be sentenced next month and I hope the sentence reflects the seriousness of his actions - and the life-changing effect this one punch has had on the family of his victim. The judge says Hancock has a history of violence and a custodial sentence is being considered.