Editor’s Comment: Anyone who steals from a baby’s grave is scum

Rosary beads stolen from baby's grave in Hannah Park Cemetery
Rosary beads stolen from baby's grave in Hannah Park Cemetery

Theft, however valuable the items stolen, is never nice.

But sometimes thieves stoop so low that it actually beggars belief.

Earlier this week, during one of our editorial meetings to discuss what stories the reporters are working on, reporter Sam Chetwynd told the story of how some rosary beads had been stolen from the grave of a three-week-old Worksop baby.

I was instantly overcome by anger and revulsion, and looking around the room I could see that all my colleagues shared this feeling of disgust that someone could do such an awful thing.

And I’m sure anyone reading the story in this week’s Guardian will feel equally as angry.

It is almost impossible to fathom what would drive someone to steal something from a grave, let alone a baby’s grave, especially when it is of little material value, but is of massive sentimental value to the family.

We are told that often people steal because they are desperate, or to feed their addictions, but there can be no justifying stealing from a baby’s grave.

Whoever did this is scum and if they have even the remotest shred of decency in them should return the rosary beads to where they rightly belong.