East Midlands dog owners flout microchip law

Around 60,000 East Midlands dog owners are breaking the law by not having their dogs microchipped - a year after a law was passed making it compulary.

Ninety seven per cent of dogs in East Midlands are now fitted with a microchip, meaning they can be reunited with their families if they are lost or stolen. However, owners East Midlands are being urged to microchip their dog if they haven’t already and keep the details up to date to ensure they can be reunited should they become lost.

Dogs Trust statistics show 8,371 strays were reunited with their owners in 2015/16, however, owners who don’t update their details risk the possibility of being permanently separated from their beloved family pet.

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Ten per cent of the 6,667 stray and abandoned dogs that remained unclaimed in local authority kennels in East Midlands last year couldn’t be reunited with their owners because they didn’t have up-to-date microchip details.

Alex Jackson, of Dogs Trust said: “Whilst we will continue to work hard to make sure the remaining three per cent of owners in East Midlands get their dog chipped, we are pleased that the law is working well across the UK with 95 per cent of the nation’s dogs now chipped.

“A good proportion of local councils are issuing notices to people who have not microchipped their dogs or updated their details, so we hope to see the total number of people complying with the law increase significantly over the next few years.”

“It’s essential that in addition to getting their dogs microchipped, the details on the database are up-to-date, to ensure they have the best possible chance of being reunited with their pet should they become lost. It’s also a legal requirement for dogs to wear a collar and tag displaying the owner’s name and address when out in public.”