Drivers slapped with fines

Unsuspecting drivers have been slapped with hefty parking fines due to confusion caused by the removal of double yellow lines on Ryton Street.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 29th September 2015, 4:43 pm
Parking problems on Ryton Street, Worksop
Parking problems on Ryton Street, Worksop

Parking bays were installed on the road this month after its bus stops and double yellow lines were taken away due to the opening of Worksop’s new bus station on Potter Street.

Though the extra town centre parking spaces were initially welcomed, motorists using them have since accused Notts County Council of trying to ‘cash in’ after returning to their cars to discover they had been ticketed.

It was revealed that the parking bays had been designated as a ‘temporary taxi rank’ by the council- however both motorists and businesses on the road claim this was not signposted clearly, leading to unfair fines.

Matthew Raimi, who works at a tattoo studio on Ryton Street. said that businesses on the road had not been warned of the changes to parking.

He said: “Since they removed the double yellow lines, people have been parking here at their own risk.

“What concerns me is it’s mostly the elderly who are getting hit with the tickets.

“I saw a frail couple park on the street and there were two traffic wardens who waited for them to leave their car before walking over and giving them a ticket.

“It’s disgusting- I must have stopped about 30 people from parking here because I knew what would happen.

“Apparently only taxis are allowed to use the parking bays at the moment though there is a sign for this, you can barely see it. None of the businesses on Ryton Street have been informed about what’s going on with the parking situation. It needs sorting.”

A spokesperson for the council said that some of the parking fines had been removed due to the confusion.

Kate Butler, group manager for highways at Notts County Council, said:“On September 21, 22, 23 we temporarily moved the taxi rank from Central Avenue to Ryton Street in order to carry out essential work on Central Avenue.”

“We appreciate that there may have been some confusion for drivers, given the temporary nature of the restriction and have therefore arranged to cancel the 15 PCNs which were issued during the period.”