Don't like Mondays? Here's how you can appear on new Alan Carr gameshow and win a YEAR off work

Fancy winning a year's salary?Fancy winning a year's salary?
Fancy winning a year's salary?
Imagine winning a year's salary on TV, resigning from your job on air and spending the next 12 months doing whatever you wanted.

New Channel 4 TV show I Don’t Like Mondays will see Alan Carr give one lucky member of the audience the chance to have a year off work via a series of studio games and challenges.

The studio audience, made up of people from across the UK with a range of different salaries, will arrive armed with resignation letters and at the end of the show, one of them will resign live on air.

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Managing director of Alaska TV, which is producing the show, Chris Fouracre, said: “We’ve all had that dread of the alarm clock going off on a Monday morning, signalling the start of another working week.

“Hopefully, I Don’t Like Monday’s will be the perfect televisual antidote to that universal feeling.”

Filming will take place in Central London across August and September 2017.

The show is looking for groups of friends, family and colleagues to apply, as well as individual applicants.

Click here to apply.