Dog found tied to gate

PLAYFUL Bobby is settling into his new home - and hopes his upsetting past will soon be a distant memory.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 18th December 2011, 3:27 pm

Bobby was abandoned by his owners around 3am on Friday morning.

He was tied to a gate post and abandoned during the cold and wet night.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier was named after the policeman who found him, close to hypothermia, in Todwick Road, North Anston, outside Thornberry Animal Sanctuary.

Sarah Froggat, fundraiser at sanctuary where Bobby is now awaiting a new home, said: “The thought of that little dog, abandoned on one of the coldest and windiest nights, horrifies us all.”

“Thank goodness he was spotted.”

“This is the third time we have found dogs dumped this way in as many weeks, but this was the first in these circumstances for a long time.”

“The fear in the mind of that little dog that night is upsetting for everyone who cares.”

“We understand people’s urgency to get rid of a pet, but the manner of their disposal is what hurts the most.”

Sarah said: “It was cold, wet and windy when this little dog’s owners decided they didn’t want him any more.”

“They took him out in the car, tied him up and drove away.”

“Fortunately the police drive around fairly regularly and he was spotted by officers passing the sanctuary”.

“They untied him and took him to the safety of the local police station, and they then got in touch with our night manager, Alison.”

“By 4.30am, the frightened little dog was tucked up in a warm kennel with treats and fresh water, starting the road to recovery and a loving new home.”

“Thornberry wish to say a big thank you to the officers of South Yorkshire police, who stopped to help.”

“They have even gone one step further, asking around amongst friends and colleagues to see if anyone can give him a loving home.

Bobby in now settling in at Thornberry Animal Sanctuary.

Thornberry has seen a rise in owners abandoning their animals in the last few years. They believe the economic situation and soaring vet bills are to blame.