Dog attacks young mum

Pictured is Katie Bower with daughter Evie Fairest, 11 weeks and dog Theo.
Pictured is Katie Bower with daughter Evie Fairest, 11 weeks and dog Theo.
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A NEW mum has spoken of her frightening ordeal when a vicious Staffordshire bull terrier charged at her and attacked her beloved pet dog.

Katie Bower was walking along Edinburgh Road in Worksop with her baby daughter Evie when the ‘stray’ Staffie came at her and began to attack her Pomeranian dog, Theo.

The ordeal left little Theo needing £300 of medical treatment, including stitches in his tail.

Katie, of Cavendish Road, is urging people to be aware of the dog which is believed to roam the Manton area and asking its owner to be more responsible.

She said: “People need to be aware that they shouldn’t be having dogs like this wandering about. If that dog had gone for a child out playing or my daughter then things could have been much worse. It could have easily killed my little dog.”

Katie ordeal began as she was walking to the shop around 3.15pm on Friday 4th January. She had 11-week-old Evie in her pram and five-year-old Theo on his lead.

“I was walking down Edinburgh Road and this dog came out of a little side road. It was a black and white Staffie and didn’t have anyone with it.”

“I had my little dog and my daughter with me. My first reaction was to pick my dog up as this dog was getting closer.”

“I was holding my dog shoulder height and this Staffie was jumping up and had hold of my coat. I got hold of the pram with one hand and had my dog in the other arm. I started screaming and shouting.”

“I saw a man walking up the road and by this time the Staffie had hold of my dog’s tail and I’d got hold of Theo by his collar. He then got his leg in its mouth. It was horrible.”

The passer-by ushered Katie into a garden so the Staffie would follow, before helping her escape and leaving the dog behind.

Katie returned home shaken by her ordeal and told her partner Andy Fairest what had happened. He scoured the area to look for the dog but was unsuccessful.

Katie later reported the incident to police and after inquiring in the local area, heard the dog had done similar things in the past.

Katie said: “I am not saying that all Staffie’s are dangerous but it’s irresponsible dog owners that give the breed a bad name.”

“I want people to be aware that this dog has escaped before and done this.”

Notts Police said they were aware of the incident but had not been able to trace the dog, which had no collar on. Any witnesses are asked to call police by calling 101.

The RSPCA issued general advice to anyone in a similar situation. They advised not to move towards a dog but to stand still. If it runs towards you, not barking or growling, stand still and let it sniff you. Do not touch it or make sudden movements, but speak reassuringly. If it is barking or growling, it considers you a threat. Try and stay calm and keep your body relaxed.