Distraction burglary advice

POLICE officers are reminding residents to take some simple steps to reduce their chances of becoming victims of distraction burglaries.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 10th January 2012, 12:44 pm

Distraction burglars try to trick their way into properties to commit crime. They usually appear at the door as bogus officials using convincing guises and appropriate dress, often claiming to be from a gas or water supplier.

It is common for there to be two or more bogus callers and one will aim to distract the householder, while the other attempts to steal their property.

A recent scam has involved two or more men knocking at doors of vulnerable or elderly residents and claiming to have previously carried out work on the roof of the property or stating that their dad has asked them to attend and check the property’s roof, following repairs carried out in the past.

They ask to go into the resident’s loft or attic and while one man distracts the homeowner, another uses the opportunity to steal personal belongings and cash.

Officers are encouraging residents to take some simple precautions - if someone calls without an appointment, ask to see their ID and check with their company, look out for strange vehicles outside your home and note any registration numbers of vehicles you think might be suspicious, if you do open the door to an uninvited caller, always keep the door chain/bar in place while speaking to them, consider joining a Neighbourhood Watch or resident scheme that encourages neighbours to look out for each other and don’t leave large quantities of cash in your home and keep valuables and keys away from windows and doors.

For further information visit www.southyorks.police.uk or call 101.