Dinnington: Support for charity’s plans to build an orphanage in Bangladesh

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A Dinnington-based charity that is trying to support poor children in Bangladesh by building a new orphanage in the country, has received backing from a leading healthcare company.

Precedo Healthcare, which is based in Leeds and specialises in providing staffing solutions to the public and private healthcare sectors, is now a supporter of the Bangladesh Orphanage Appeal (BOA).

Bangladesh has a great number of poor and destitute people and many children, some as young as three, are abandoned on the streets and left to fend for themselves, often resorting to begging and stealing what they can in order to stay alive.

BOA has now been established not only to house the children but also educate and look after their entire welfare.

And their orphanage campaign is spearheaded by their ‘Buy a Brick - Save a Life’ initiative.

“This initiative is part of an overall strategy for the company and we take our social responsibility very seriously,” said Mike Webster, chief executive of Predeco.

“The idea of saving young children’s lives is simply amazing and we want to support BOA in more ways than one” added Chris Webster, the company’s managing director.

“Bangladesh Orphanage Appeal is building a 60-children bedded home and school,” continued Tapan ‘Charlie’ Mitra, BOA chairman and the man whose vision Predeco have been inspired by.

“The land has been acquired and we are now ready to start the process of fund-raising to build the orphanage.

“Once built, the project will be self-sustaining with the help of a water-bottling plant.”

“Our aim is to provide a loving home, with a western educational system and medical centre for the orphanage and the surrounding community.”

“Precedo has made my dream come true, the generosity of the company now means we can register the charity and start the fund-raising.”

“Precedo is a very forward-thinking company, we pride ourselves on providing top quality service to our clients,” said Chris Webster.

“We have a planned overall strategy to provide support for many charities both here at home and overseas.”

“The ‘Buy a brick – Save a Life’ campaign is aware of engaging everyone.”

“We can all help in a small way and yet this has a massive impact on the children’s lives we can save.”

“We have all seen the pictures of the conditions in which people live and work in Bangladesh.”

“Only a few months ago over 1,000 people lost their lives in a clothing factory fire in Dhaka.”

“Simply put, the children have nothing and are simply left on the streets to fend for themselves.”

“We would like to thank the entire team at Precedo for their kind generosity and continued support.”

“We are working with a number of Bangladeshi individuals and organisations in the UK and indeed in Bangladesh.”

“All funding raised goes directly to building the orphanage – BOA has no paid staff and all supporters are not paid for their time.

Anyone who donates £10 or more will get a free t-shirt. To donate, or for more details, visit www.boappeal.org.