Dinnington: College campus ‘virtually unrecognisable’ after revamp investment

The new 'Heart Space' at the Dinnington Campus
The new 'Heart Space' at the Dinnington Campus

An exciting transformation has been completed after Rotherham College invested thousands of pounds into improving the facilities at its Dinnington campus.

The campus is virtually unrecognisable from what it was at this time last year, with the main entrance, reception area and quad all benefiting from the makeover.

An impressive sky light now frames the tower and the quad, which used to be visible through the windows next to the Student Support areas, has gone from an outdoor unusable area to a large open Heart Space.

“The Heart Space was created to give students and staff at the College a space to retreat to after and between lessons to be able to relax and have the opportunity to have a bite to eat,” said a spokesperson for the College.

Foundation students have gained a purpose built commercial workspace which is located just on the side of the Heart Space.

This gives the Foundation students the chance to experience the full process of commercial businesses. They will be able to design concept ideas, produce food and baked goods, sell them and market them to other students and staff at the College.

The Media, Animation and Games department have also seen their classrooms improved by a number of new desks and equipment to facilitate the needs of the students in the creation of 3D animations and games.

The College’s Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ Bright Skies Day Nursery was recently relocated from the back of the campus to its current setting right at the front and has doubled in size.

The nursery underwent a huge overhaul including having a dedicated entrance and purpose built learning and play areas. As a result of this the nursery was able to increase the number of children that it can care for.

On Saturday 7th February Rotherham College will be opening the doors of the newly refurbished Dinnington Campus to the general public. The event will be taking place between 10.00am and 12.30pm.