THE controversy over the Dinnington development plans featured in the July 29th Dinnington Guardian expose the fact that democracy at national and local level is a myth.

It is accepted that the days when communities revolved around industries which employed large numbers of local people are over.

Adjustments need to be made, we need to remind ourselves that it has a much smaller population. Dinnington had two areas of recreation, the Miners Welfare and the Institute which both ran two football teams, two cricket teams, cycling and tennis club also two bowls clubs.

The only facility lacking was a swimming pool which was provided through the initiative of the High School in the late sixties and the formation of the highly successful Rugby Union Club.

What is there to attract people to want to live here? Bearing in mind that the Resource Centre requires £220,000 to run, the school facilities are already fully booked by clubs wealthy enough to pay the price.

A rejuvenated Miners Welfare which is situated more conveniently to the proposed new developments may require a similar figure for it’s subsequent development.

The Resource Centre staff and helpers are to be congratulated on their involvement in keeping this facility open since the lease was not approved until after Darron Crookes was appointed manager due to the arguments at a higher level. Politically Dinnington has always been at the edge of the authority and neglected.

Before anyone is allowed to develop any building land there must be an insistence upon good infrastructure put in place for example transport and the green spaces left inadequately financed green investment to be sustainable regarding maintenance to encourage people to want to live here.


Swinston Hill Road