Derbyshire village results in

DISTRICT elections were announced last night at Bolsover Assembly Rooms, where contenders eagerly awaited the results until the early hours of the morning.

The race was close for Whitwell, and with only two seats available, George Webster, Whitwell Residents Association, received the most votes with 631 and while Vivienne Mills, also of Whitwell Residence Association, was also awarded a seat with 468 votes.

It was a close one however, as Sandy Frow, Independent, narrowly missed out with 429 votes, Tom Munro, Labour, received 357 votes and Frank Raspin, Labour, had 308 votes.

Coun Webster, 76, of Jubilee Place, Whitwell said that he is delighted with the result.

"I feel absolutely great, all the hard work I have put in over the last four years has paid off," said Coun Webster.

"I hope to work with the community to continue the work we have already done – one of my main priorities is sorting out the colliery site in Whitwell, by the next election I want to be able to say I hope to have the site cleared up and have had 300 new houses built there."

Coun Mills, 56, said that the vote was closer than she had expected.

"But I am pleased that residents showed faith in me by electing me again," she said.

Coun Mills added that her main priorities were getting a skateboard park for the youngsters of Whitwell and to combat dog fouling in the area.

With three seats at Creswell, Duncan McGregor, Labour, took the most votes with 1,067.

The other seats were awarded to Jim Clifton, Independent, with 914 votes and Rita Turner, Labour, with 876 votes.

"I am extremely happy, this is the beginning of my 40 years in local government," said Coun McGregor, 61.

"I feel that people have confidence in me, and if they feel happy with me, then that is the main thing."

He added: "The development in Creswell over the past few years has been very progressive and many good people live there – and the progression in Creswell is certainly going to keep increasing."

Coun Clifton, 59, said he hopes the economic regeneration in Creswell will continue with the introduction of a new Creswell Crags visitor centre.

"I am looking forward to serving and working with the community and I am looking forward to the continued rejuvenation to the village," said Coun Clifton.

And Coun Turner, 64, of Elmton Road, Creswell, said that she is delighted to be elected a second time.

"This is what I hoped for and I will be working harder for the people and I look forward to working with the council to build a better community," she said.

Clowne South's two seats were uncontested and so were given to Paul Hendry, Independent, and Jim Smith, Labour.

Clowne North's two seats were awarded to Brian Hendry, Independent, with 456 votes and to Terry Connerton, Labour, with 397 votes.

Sid Patrick, Labour, narrowly missed out with 374 votes.

"I am relieved and very pleased, it has been a very long day – commiserations to Sid Patrick, it was a good contest," said Coun Hendry, 74, of Barlborough Road, Clowne.

And at Barlborough, four candidates battled it out for the two district seats.

Eion Watts, Labour, received most votes with 737 and newcomer Hilary Gilmore, Labour, had 556 votes.

Bridget Ingle, Barlborough First, missed out with 472 votes as did John Shaw with 470 votes.

"I feel vindicated, my opponents lead a bitter campaign against me but I think this is a victory for common sense," said Coun Watts.

He added: "I want to take things forward and I hope to build on the foundations that we have already began to build."

And Coun Gilmore, 59, of Park Street, Barlborough, said that although this will be her first time as a councillor, she is looking forward to working with the community.

"I feel elated and very privileged that the people of Barlborough village elected me and I feel quite humble – it is all down to them," she said.

"I have not been a councillor before but I feel like I have worked in the community for some years and feel as if I have gained their trust."