Derbyshire: Council starts public consultation on mobile libraries

Guardian News
Guardian News

Derbyshire residents are being asked for their views on proposed changes to the County Council’s mobile library service as part of their plans to combat budget cuts.

The council needs to save £157 million by 2018 and is calling the whole process of restructuring the county budget The Derbyshire Challenge.

It costs the council £720,000 a year to run its mobile library service which currently employs 26 people, equivalent to 18 full-time staff.

The mobile fleet currently consists of two large maximum capacity vehicles (MCV) and eight smaller standard mobile vehicles.

The options being consulted on are; the withdraw all 10 mobile library vehicles to create a saving of £720,000; the withdrawal of the eight small standard mobiles to create a saving of £530,000; the withdrawal one MCV and seven smaller vehicles to create a saving of £560,000 or a community offer as changes would mean many individual stops would no longer be provided the council would consider supporting community groups or organisations wishing to provide a more local service.

The first stage of the consultation runs until 1st March. For more information, visit