Daniel is first again

DANIEL Nicholson again took first place in Gainsborough Aegir Cycling Club’s speed judging contest on Sunday which was started by timekeeper Hedley Stennett from Upton Corner.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 27th November 2011, 8:00 am

Results: First with six points was Daniel Nicholson who chose three laps in 67 minutes, his time was 66 minutes 27 seconds, giving him a time that was 33 seconds fast; second and five points Matt Hindmarsh (four laps in 71 minutes, time 70-03, 57 seconds fast); third and four points Mark Clark (two laps in 60 minutes, time 58-10, 1-50 fast); fourth and three points 12-year-old Liam Hindmarsh (four laps in 73 mins, time 71-08, 1-52 fast); fifth and two points Dave Day (three laps in 60 mins, time 62-50, 2-50 slow); sixth and one point Trevor Halstead (four laps in 72 mins, time 66-07 seconds, 5-53 fast); seventh Michael Dawson (three laps in 60 mins, time 53-10, 6-50 fast; eighth Paul Reynolds (four laps in 75 mins, time 63-55, 11-05 fast; ninth Colin Smith (two laps in 58 mins, time 37-16, 20-44 fast.

Overall results: Daniel Nicholson 12 points; Matt Hindmarsh 10; Trevor Halstead 5; Dave Day 5; Liam Hindmarsh 4; Mark Clark 4; Simon Hobday 2.

On Sunday 27th November there is a morning leisure ride suitable for beginners - riders meet Roseway, 9.20am. Contact Trevor Halstead at Church Street Cycles, 102-104 Church Street, or tel 01427 617752 or home 01427 677396.