Cutts has a Rethink

Community group Rethink have been handed a £50,000 boost to tide them over the next six months.

It sees a complete u-turn by Notts County Council and leader Kay Cutts who had originally axed the organisation’s £100,00 budget.

Rethink provide a range of skills in horticulture for individuals with mental health difficulties.

Community mental health worker Karl Hewitt said: “We are really pleased, it is fantastic news for us.”

“It all happened very quickly but this money will now give us time to set up the direct payments scheme for individuals.”

Introduced under the previous Government, the concept of personal budgets gives people greater freedom, choice and control over their social care needs - something the council are committed to developing.

Having been through every stage of the Rethink system, from a volunteer to full-time staff in 2008, Karl was all set to leave due to the cut in funding.

However, he too has now changed his mind.

Mel Wilson, from Victoria Care Home, in Worksop, has been going down to the Cheapside allotments, behind the Priory Church, for about a year.

“I come down here three times a week,” she said.

“I am absolutely over the moon, to be honest, I’ve never been in to gardening and had contemplated putting astroturf on our back garden.”

“I’ve really taken to it though.”