Watch: Helicopter helps hunt for runaway car thief in Nottinghamshire

Nottinghamshire Police’s helicopter helps track down a runaway driver as the eye in the sky takes tonight’s brand new episode of Police Interceptors to new heights.

By Sam Jackson
Monday, 16th August 2021, 1:28 pm

The bird’s-eye view shows events unfold as police receive reports a man had taken a car from a woman without her consent.

Officers had waited for the man at his home and soon enough he returned in the car, a Peugeout 207. As police went to detain him, he drove off at high speeds, failing to stop for red lights and driving the wrong way on roundabouts.

He then abandoned the car and took off on foot.

This was no match for the chopper though, which kept officers hot on his tail.

Officers quickly caught up to him and arrested him, seeing that he had the keys to the stolen Peugeot on him. When officers searched the man, they also found cannabis on him, making it a two-for-one and a successful night at the office.

He has since been charged with taking without consent, dangerous driving and possession of a class B drug and awaits his day in court.

The talents of the force’s dog section are also shown as the rollercoaster episode continues, with a high-stakes search as they work to track down a man who threatened to stab a woman and hurt her horses.

Part of tonight's episode of Police Interceptors focuses on a hunt for a car thief in Nottinghamshire.

Officers make sure no corner was missed as they searched for William Hollely, who had breached a restraining order that the woman had against him.

Fearful that she was in imminent danger, officers worked quickly and scoured up and down the Sutton Lawn Park area of Sutton-in-Ashfield before coming across a man that matched the description they had been given.

They discovered this was the man they were looking for and arrested him for the breach of the restraining order and also on suspicion of intentionally threatening a person with an offensive weapon.

Hollely was subsequently charged with these offences and sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison.

PC Paul Charlesworth was one of the officers on scene during the incident on December 3 2020, and made the arrest of Hollely after he was tracked down by police dog Morse.

“It’s always worrying when we receive such a report and you have to act quickly,” he said.

“The threats on this occasion seemed very credible, and when we have reason to believe someone is in immediate danger officers from all departments work together and every ounce of effort is put in to changing that as soon as possible”.

“There was a number of us searching for Hollely that night, including a specialist unit from the dog section, who fortunately a short time later we heard had detained a man nearby on the park”.

“It is always a relief to when a suspected offender is located and stopped as we can be sure that we have prevented anyone coming to harm. It allows us to offer immediate reassurance to any victims, who in this instance was clearly frightened by the threats.

“I headed over to them and found them on the end of Penn Street.

"Given that this man could be potentially dangerous and may have been in possession of a knife, we instructed him to lie on his front and once he was there I was able to make the arrest and safely place him in handcuffs.

“Hollely was volatile and struggled with us on his way to the police car.

"You have to consider not just the safety of the subject but also officers and we ended up placing Hollely on the ground several times to allow him to calm down rather than risk anyone getting injured.

“It’s a positive to see that a good result came of this case and he was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison.

“As police officers, our main priority is to keep the public safe and it is reassuring to see the direct impact the actions of the team had on keeping this woman safe.

"It is incidents like this that stand out and remind us, as officers, of the positive impact we can have during people’s times of need."

The episode is on Channel 5 tonight at 8pm.