WARSOP MURDER TRIAL: Murder accused ‘cried about her husband not giving her a divorce’ hours before his death

Charlotte Collinge
Charlotte Collinge

Murder accused Charlotte Collinge cried in the pub about how she was unable to get a divorce from her husband and that he wouldn’t give her any money, hours before his death, a court was told.

The 48-year-old is charged, along with Stephen Shreeves (43) and Kelvin Dale (30), of killing Clifford Collinge (61) at the couple’s home on Sandy Lane, Warsop.

Mr Collinge was found beaten to death and in a pool of his own blood in the kitchen of their home on 8th October, 2011.

He had been attacked with a guitar and a joiner’s sash clamp.

Prosecutors say Charlotte Collinge tempted Shreeves and Dale back to the house for sex, and arranged for them to attack her husband.

All three deny murder.

During the trial this morning, Wednesday, 10th June, revellers who were in the Crate and Gapes pub on Warsop’s High Street with Charlotte Collinge, gave evidence.

Michael Yates, landlord of the establishment, had his statement read out to the jury by prosecutor Steven Coupland.

Mr Yates said she entered the pub on her own and described her as looking ‘like a tart’, had a glazed look about her and was ‘after male company’.

He eventually escorted her off the premises because of her behaviour, which included flashing her underwear at a group of men she was sat with.

Taking to the stand, another reveller, Peter Amberick, described her behaviour as ‘smutty’, she made sexual remarks, and was ‘making a play’ for Dale and Shreeves.

He said she was trying to get men in the pub to buy her a drink adding: “She told us he (Clifford) would not give her any money and she was crying and got upset.

“She was telling all the group that she wanted a divorce but while she was living with him (Clifford) she couldn’t get one.

Under cross examination, Michael Auty QC, asked Mr Amberick: “She made no threat towards her husband in your presence?”

Mr Amberick replied: “No”.

He then asked: “Did she say she wanted to hurt him in any kind of way?”

Again, Mr Amberick replied: “No.”

The trial continues.