Teenager broke community order

A WORKSOP teenager has been spared jail after he failed to comply with a community sentence.

Nathan Newbury was ordered to do 70 hours unpaid work last August following a conviction for theft of scrap metal in north Derbyshire.

But he was hauled back before the justices at Chesterfield on Monday after he breached the sentence for the second time.

Probation officer Matthew Hartley told the court Newbury’s behaviour had been ‘unacceptable’ on three occasions when he turned up for work.

He added: “On one occasion there was misuse of equipment when he constantly revved a hand-drill so that the battery was flat and it could not be used.”

“Two further incidents of unacceptable behaviour resulted in him being stood down by his work party. He has shown a dismissive attitude to the order.”

“He failed to respond to enforcement letters and he was suspended from unpaid work.”

Newbury, 19, of Radford Street, Worksop, had completed half of the 70 hours work when the order was suspended.

He admitted breaching a community order. It was revoked and replaced with an 8pm-7am curfew for 12 weeks.

He still has to pay compensation and costs relating to the theft.

“If you breach this order you will certainly go to prison because it will be the third breach,” District Judge Andrew Davison told him.

Amanda Holmes, for Newbury, said he had not committed any offences since the theft last April.

“He says he will do the unpaid work. His first concern is whether he is going to prison as he has never experienced that environment,” said Ms Holmes.

She told the court he had literacy problems and his mother usually dealt with his correspondence, adding that his shoulder and back were injured in a car accident in December.